Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sizzling September Offers

Hello Everyone!

Woolley's Steakhouse is introducing a new special for every day of the week for the entire month of September.

- Martini Mondays – $10 off Woolley’s Martini Steak. 50% off Specialty Martini list.
- Certified Angus Beef Tuesday - $10 off select Certified Angus Beef steaks.
- Wine Lover Wednesdays- 50% off all bottles of with purchase of entrée.
- Certified Angus Beef Thursdays – $10 off select Certified Angus Beef steaks.
- Fresh Fish Fridays – $10 off Woolley’s famous Walleye entrees.
- Certified Angus Beef Saturdays - $10 off select Certified Angus Beef steaks.
- Wine Down Sundays - 50% off all bottles of wine purchase of entrée.

To download the specials, please visit:

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The definition of an Oenophile...

Do you know the definition of Oenophile? It’s a lover of wine. Not just someone who is fond of wine; but a person who relishes each glass.

As the director of Woolley’s Wine Program, I would call myself an Oenophile. After participating in the International Sommelier program, I put my expertise to work for Woolley’s Steakhouse and built up our wine program to over 200 selections. I love helping guests pick out the perfect bottle of wine for their meal. I know ordering wine in a restaurant with many selections can be a little overwhelming.

So how, you may ask, do Oenophiles order wine? Let me tell you:

First, Oenophiles consider their budget. Most wine lists have multiple price points. An Oenophile with a small budget will locate a good producer on the list and look for a bottle in a less expensive category.

Second, they consider the people at their table. If there are beginning wine drinkers present they might opt to purchase a white wine or lighter red. (Personally, I suggest a French Riesling, Italian Pinot Grigio or French Beajulais for beginners).

Third, an Oenophile will not be afraid to ask the server for suggestions. If the server does recommend a bottle, they will always ask if the server has actually tried the wine.
When the selected bottle arrives at their table, Oenophiles will always verify it is the right vintage and year. When the server presents the cork they will inspect it for contamination. (If the wine has seeped through the cork, the bottle may be bad. This is not always the case, but a warning sign). When server pours a small sample, Oenophiles swirl the wine in the glass around and take a deep sniff. They watch out for smells like vinegar, rotten cork or cooked cabbage. If it smells alright they take a taste, swishing the wine in their mouths so it hits all their taste buds. If that satisfies the Oenophile they’ll have the server continue pouring for the rest of the table.

Finally, if the Oenophile has ordered a nicer Cabernet or Cabernet blend, they’ll ask the server to decant the bottle. Pouring a Cabernet into a decanter will help the wine breathe, softening the tannins and bringing out more of the subtle flavors in the wine.

The next time you are a bit nervous in selecting wine for your table, start thinking like an Oenophile. Who knows? You just might become one!

That’s all for now, but don’t forget to join us every Wednesday and Sunday as we celebrate Oenophiles by featuring every bottle on our list as half-off! I look forward to sharing the best of our wine program with you.


Ben Berry
Wine Program Director

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Amazing August Offers

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Specials run the entire month of August